Chocolate mousse

Dark Choc Mousse 1


Duvet day mini play from Lita Doolan – Nina get stage fright when it’s time to tread the boards

Nina-  I’ll tell you what the problem is

Valerie – I was hoping you would let me in

Nina- It’s just a duvet that separates us.  You’re not coming in?

Valerie – I don’t do your tough smelly love.  I’m more cheesecake

Nina –  What like give them something they love then take it away like a sugar high?

Valerie – Yeah it’s my way and  I live here too  Just you come anywhere near my dessert again and you’ll see me turn.

Nina – And what will you do, more of this?

Valerie – I just wanted you to break a leg

Nina – That’s not very nice

Valerie – It’s what people in theatre say – your play will be fine but you got to leave the house or get out of bed or something

Nina – When did you last go to the theatre?

Valerie – Mother Goose Pantomime Show

Nina – It’s changed.  It’s anarchy now.  You can do it in bed.  You just need a periscope account.

Valerie – If that’s your advice I’ll certainly try it

Nina – You’re not getting away with that again

Valerie – What exactly is it?  Your Director is on the phone

Nina – It’s my stomach

Valerie – He says where does it hurt?

Nina – My head

Valerie – And he fell for that?  I know this game. I invented it

Nina – Where can I hide?

Valerie – There’s dark chocolate mousse in the fridge

Nina – I’ll be in there until it’s time.

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Make a fast comfort mix choc mousse here –

  • 250 grams dark chocolate broken into small bits
  • 50 grams mini marshmallows 
  • 50 grams soft butter 
  • 60 ml hot water 
  • 280 ml double cream  – have this whipped ready to go before you start
  • Put marshmallows, chocolate, butter, and water into a strong saucepan.
  • Put the saucepan onto a gentle heat and slowly melt all the contents while stirring and then take off the heat.
  • Fold the thick whipped cream into the chocolate mixture
  • Scoop into cups and cool until the time is right to ENJOY

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