chocs away 2

chocs away 2

Chocolate confession


I could have left the cake but I thought – No let’s have something to remember in life

-You get a bit addicted to them don’t you

You can’t do much but eat sometimes.   It’s one of those harmless hours of the day

-It’s so personal how you eat

But Monaco Grand Prix was a little bit special so I thought why not

-I’m pleased about the racing.

I came second. We paid 80 pounds for a half day. We went for dessert after.

-Sorry to hear about your car

That’s not actually a disadvantage

-Was that damage on the Fiat?

A lovely little car.

-Not that I’m talking down the car.  What can I do for you anyway?

Are you talking to a child or a dog?

-Neither can speak for itself.  It doesn’t matter.

I’m going to have double chocolate cheesecake now.  And fast after that