chocolate cake

Chocolate Truffle Scuffle


Easy cheat way to make quick chocolate truffles here now.

Right after the scuffle in the pastry shop is overheard in the lift.

Needing Heat? words by Lita Doolan

Olivia – This was an emergency.
Garth – You left the fire exit open!
Olivia – I had to go. No time to say why.
Garth – Can you get out of the way?
Olivia – I’m stuck to the floor. There’s dessert on your carpet.
Garth – There is no way I am cleaning the floor if you don’t move.
Olivia – Can’t you take your bucket somewhere else? I saw dirt on the top floor skylight from a block away..
Garth – They don’t pay me enough to go that high.
Olivia – Does anyone go there?
Garth – A man on a rope with no fear of heights cleans those.
Olivia – I’ll hold.
Garth – Onto what? It’s 50 metres high up there.
Olivia – I wasn’t speaking to you. My phone call is on hold. My identity has been stolen today. I was speaking to the authorities when you came in.
Garth – They can have my identity for free. When you clean windows you don’t care about stupid phone calls.
Olivia – They gave out my phone number to the dude who stole my purse.
Garth – You don’t know that.  They probably just got a digit wrong at the end. I’m sure it wasn’t personal.
Olivia – There have been two attempts on my bank account this week. I’m under attack here.
Garth – I hear your distress but why are you telling me all this? Why not keep your information safe? Even your phone call is on speaker so everyone can hear your data.  Don’t cry.  I’m out of tissues.
Olivia – You asked me to move and I didn’t want to do that so I told you why I need to stay here.
Garth – You have told me all your business just because you like standing in this spot?
Olivia – It’s warm and it’s Storm Imogen outside.

Garth – Then there is no hope.  Best to scrape the dessert off your shoes and move on.  I hope you find some new dessert somewhere and enjoy it.


Olivia needs Fast Chocolate Truffle Fix !

Find from your cupboard
  • 400g dark chocolate broken into small pieces
  • 200ml double or whipping cream
  • Cocoa powder for dusting
  • optional – spoonful of nutella to make the mix more gooey

Stir chopped up chocolate pieces into warm double cream.  Warm gently so it melts.  Spoon in a few scoops of nutella to the chocolatey cream.  Pour the mixture into a tray and refrigerate until solid.  Scoop out small balls of the mixture and roll in your hands so they become round and then sprinkle on lots of coccoa powder.  Arrange your chocolate truffles on a beautiful play and enjoy.

Great treat for half term!

During term time try adding 75ml of rum or brandy for alcohol flavoured truffles that are great with coffee

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