Hot Choc Ice Truck

Hot Choc Ice Truck

Chocolate ROSA-Anyone out there??  You know a skinny girl, long hair and very polite?

RITA-Could be anyone.
ROSA-How long have you been here?
RITA-22 years in March. I get up early in the morning to go and then come all the way back.
Yeah I didn’t think you’d stay.
ROSA-  The driving will be OK in Summer.    What’s in your hand?

RITA-Something to get me through.
ROSA-That smells good.
RITA-That’s hot chocolate for you.  The only people who are left working the quarry are our age.
ROSA- Not like in São Paulo. They get out early there.  What time is the train coming? I missed my ride.
RITA- When the tracks have thawed it’ll come. it’s bitter cold.
ROSA- Not like in São Paulo!

RITA-Did your mum make you come here to do a job you don’t want to do instead of a job at home?
ROSA-It’s too hot in Brazil to do any kind of work We do a collection every time people leave.
RITA-We do that here. Penny was the last.
ROSA-People only gave a penny?
RITA-No Penny is a girl. The one you are looking for.

ROSA-She went off and never came back?

RITA-Some do some don’t. We gave her a watermelon it was a joke. It was getting ridiculous. I said I’m sorry but I don’t work here to carry a water melon and then we played dirty dancing film soundtrack.
ROSA-Thats what we do when people work here full time ?
RITA-Have a laugh yes. But she was a bully. I wouldn’t go on holiday for fear of losing my extra hours to her.
ROSA-I didn’t bother either for holidays. Brazil is too far for a weekend.
RITA-I did once go to the Isle of Wight and when I came back I logged into my truck and saw half naked pictures of Patrick Swayze on.

ROSA-To be fair he was often that way.
RITA-And then her husbands died. So there were complications. He had a heart attack.

ROSA-And all along in her heart she loved Patrick Swayze?
RITA-Yeah. He was better off out of that.

ROSA-If it was me I personally wouldn’t bother with a dead film star. Life is short.  Stick to the breathing type.

RITA-So anyway she ended up with a watermelon.

ROSA-I know. I cleaned her locker. She didn’t take it home.
RITA-Cheeky woman. I handed it to her personally.
ROSA-She’s been quite rude.  Finish your chocolate. No rush to get back.
RITA-We get told off for hanging about.

ROSA- Is it a different atmosphere on the road. The management room seem cold upstairs.
RITA- Not really. I put my music on my phone and dance when I’m doing my paper work. I said to the boss man do you want to join in? He was ok with me. He can see me. I’m still doing my work.

ROSA-What can he say?
RITA-I hate him. And the cold. I got leggings on. My uniform. And my fleece on I’m all done up aren’t I? What can he say to that?

ROSA-You should drink more chocolate.
RITA-I keep wanting to have a pee as it is.
ROSA-She’s gone now and him too it’s her own fault. I’m sorry.

RITA-I got no sympathy.  Every time he goes back to work he keeps having a latte I haven’t had one for years. Can’t afford it.
ROSA- He needs hot chocolate now. Do you want another one?
RITA- No. This time one is enough. Why do you ask, won the lottery??
ROSA- He’s gone. He can’t say one word. They were carrying on him and the water melon girl  And the new boss is me.  Your fined.