Cornflake Crunch Cake

How to … Crunch on Cornflake Cake in 10 minutes   <<  mini PENSIVE play at end !!

Get –

  1. 50g butter
  2. 100g milk chocolate chunks
  3. 3 tbsp golden syrup
  4. 100g cornflakes or rice crispies

Melt the butter, chocolate and golden syrup in the saucepan over a low heat or briefly in the microwave. Allow to cool a little before pouring over the cornflakes.

Scoop into shapes and wait until cool.




Finish with a cola …?




Or maybe coffee !!




… And a sweet new play ..   **CORNFLAKE CRUSHERS**  (aka 2 good friends)

Marc – Get up off the floor .. Let’s go

Dan – I scared you?

Marc –I’m captain here!

Dan – You cut your lip last time

Marc – You’re no good

Dan – I’m inhaling pavement

Marc – I got you a mocha coffee look it’s not so bad

Dan – You got croissant

Marc – Don’t they give you butter anymore

Dan – Everything like that is extra and you don’t own the wifi or that seat you rent or the air you breathe too.  Where’s the bus?

Marc – That might be ok if you had money

Dan – You sure it’s gone?  I think I saw a blanket

Marc –  need hoodies to disguise ourselves

Dan – I feel like if we get there but  he’ll be there too

Marc – There’s no guarantee.

Dan – We could move around in that blanket.  He’ll never see us go past.

Marc – You do like sticking your head in the clouds.  Your life is spun like a cobweb. How about an invitation to relax? Slow down.

Dan – I’ll try

Marc – Not you I meant the bus. We missed another one.

Dan – Cute smile on the right.

Marc –There’s no guarantee. You change tack  so fast.

Dan – Why be slow?

Marc –You been told to go that way. It’s good for you the Doctor said.

Dan – So is cod liver oil.

Marc –Just don’t dwell on the past when it’s over.

Dan – I like dwelling it occupies the mind it s entertaining

Marc – Not for me

Dan – And it’s free. You should be glad I’m not spending our money.

Marc – It’s almost gone.

Dan – What?

Marc –And that’s the exciting part.

Dan –  How is having nothing exciting?

Marc – The unknown.  Only when the money’s gone. The fun will start.

Dan – I think my sense of humor has come back. Nice one. It’s been really good to meet you.  Thank you for your time and the cakes.  It’s all you can help me with.  It’s time to move on.

PS HEAR the 2 minute play here !!  << INSTANT ACCESS  (more PENSIVE posts here )