Chunky Choco Milk

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Rock Radio Podcast Play – I admire folk who can run for fun and people who leave their lives behind to pursue their dreams…. my story combines them both and other figures of admiration can be explored here

Ella – You been shopping?

Georgia – No I work here.  It’s called a job! Have you just finished running?

Ella – Yeah.  They had that old rock star on the radio. She so looks her age now.

Georgia – All those late nights!

Ella – She still has sparkle though but she’s very deaf  so I run faster when she sings.

Georgia – She never puts her face in the sun

Ella – I put a glimmer sun cream on this morning

Georgia – It’s half price here in our store.

Ella – Yeah I heard that.  Retail is shrinking

Georgia – No it’s our wallets that are getting tiny

Ella – I just don’t know why my partner didn’t release the money I no longer owed him.  Then I could have got a bigger size.

Georgia – Mysteries of life

Ella – What are you doing here?

Georgia – I’m just breaking stuff.  Really I’m making a sword out of paper boxes.

Ella – Of course.  All money is plastic not paper now anyhow.

Georgia – The man who invented Bitcoin I’d like to shake his hand he is into a fortune.

Ella – Why so?

Georgia – He owns all the money.

Ella – He is our bank now?

Georgia – Yeah.  That’s why I’m doing two jobs.

Ella – With your family too?

Georgia – No alone. Just trying to make things look good.  Graham’s been eating sausage rolls in our garage   It’s pajama distance with him at home

Ella – Because he is tall and skinny he will never gain weight

Georgia – He’s left our online group chat room

Ella – Nobody really wanted him anyway

Georgia – But still it’s rude.  Graham just eats what he eats

Ella – It’s something of nothing this dieting.  Try running.

Georgia – He had orange hair when he came out of the car.

Ella – No I didn’t see it

Georgia – He doesn’t pick food for the nutritional value he just snacks.

Ella – Have I said something I should not have?

Georgia –When it goes on you the weight just goes on you.

Ella –You’re not really friends with who you live with though. And things change

Georgia –We’re really close though. These are the only tomatoes I eat. I need to make room for him.

Ella – Airports used to be very stressful but what they did with this stop before you fly shop is great to make it bigger

Georgia – It’s gone cold.

Ella – There’s a chill in the air

Georgia –Haven’t been able to turn the heating off at nights

Ella – You carry on with stacking your shelves  in that dress

Georgia –They don’t sell these anymore

Ella – Yeah I see The shop closed

Georgia –No it moved into smaller space.  We moved into their empty unit. I got the receipt. What are you going to do without me?

Ella – I’ve always said its a small world no matter how far you go you find someone you know

Georgia –So you’re definitely going.

Ella – I told you so.  It’s only college.  And we have group chat/

Georgia –Time for one last milkshake?

Ella – There’s time. 15 seconds.  It’s all we need.



Real quick easy chocolate milkshake here…

Pour 1 cup milk 1 cup crumbled brownie 1 cup vanilla ice cream into a blender and put on low speed for 15 seconds or until it is all smooth.  Enjoy straight away!



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