chocolate cake

Tiramisu to Lift You


‘Get Out There’ = a cookery fun sized play by Lita

MEL – It’s cold

JEN – Get out there!

MEL – It’s snowing

JEN – Some of my medication is still in the hotel

MEL – It is only herbal though

JEN – What’s wrong in that?

MEL – I don’t think herbal pills will sort it

JEN – I will stick to what I know thanks

MEL – Still working at the pharmacy?

JEN – Unless the boss wants me in the shop.

MEL – And that’s local work?

JEN – Doesn’t aggravate the pain that way.

MEL – The stuff you take is not going to shift it.  Far from it

JEN – We got new stock coming in and out.  It’s like Christmas.

MEL – How’s your Dad how’s the rash?

JEN – Worry is making it worse.  If he is relaxed he is OK.

MEL – Simple pleasures are what he misses I reckon.

JEN – I don’t know how anyone finds the time to do anything more than get well when they are sick. Recovery is a full time gig.

MEL –  It’s not something you jump in and out of.

JEN – Eating cakes help.  Comforting stress takes down the rash.  He wants to get on the plane but he had to get the rash down before he can go on.  He’s still in departures.

MEL – You got to get it out of your system. How did your mum shift it?

JEN – She took Vitamin C tablets.

MEL – Tiramisu quick and easy would do just as well as that.

JEN – You think.

MEL – Deffo.  It’s the caffeine. That lifts things.

JEN – It’s always the little things.

MEL – Food for the soul



Mix together equal amounts of ready made custard and mascarpone cream cheese

Get as many sponge fingers as you like and soak these in freshly made strong sweet coffee

(add a splash of liqueur to this coffee if you wish)

Place the soaked sponge fingers in the bottom of your big dish or small glasses

Spoon on the mixture of combined custard and mascarpone

Decorate with grated chocolate on top

Chill and.. Enjoy !!


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