Choc Mint Cream Dream

Choc Mint Cream Dream



Over coffee two bad boys discuss their next move

Billy I don’t want to ask her to do it

BobbyYou’re real nice about wanting to take her money

Billy I’m going to wait till she’s alone

BobbyYou will have to if all you have is a kitchen knife

Billy This blade is my power

BobbyBut it’s also your mistake.  It makes you weak.

Billy Shall we try it together then?

BobbyNow that depends.  Which bank are you with?

Billy I can’t remember.  Bank of my parents I think.

Bobby It’s your choice but we need to split the money

Billy You don’t mind taking her money then?

BobbyIt’s her choice to work alone

Billy She probably gets paid peanuts to do that job

Bobby She sued the company I think for illegal underpayment.  I read it in the paper.

Billy She will probably take the compensation money she made out of that and go shopping

BobbyI think they’re doing it one at a time

Billy What, suing the company?

BobbyYeah. In summer so they can travel the world

Billy How do they do that?

BobbyThe idea is to get some friends along in the park and then start a movement against the company and go to the press with it

Billy Sounds like it makes a nice photo

BobbyThey look real in the paper all the protestors. They got eyelashes and skin tone just right.

Billy She told the policeman to hold the baby and go away so she can have freedom.  The press overheard it too.  Got her in trouble.

Bobby Of course they were all taking pictures of her.

Billy For their blogs I bet

Bobby Probably she will send them a bill for using her image.

Billy The website will be knocked off the internet

Bobby I might go online to see that

Billy Too late we’re being watched

Bobby You had your cellphone on all this time?

Billy Yeah?!

Bobby They are tracking your IP since you got out of jail idiot!!

Billy We got to leave fast

Bobby Yeah I saw a fire exit earlier on the way in

Billy This is all being taped isn’t it?!  They got us!

BobbyBug out dude. It’s going to be fine. Don’t worry.  Take a peppermint sweet.

Billy For fresh breath for when we get arrested?

Bobby Sugar gives you energy now run.


Make a stash of get away peppermint creams that are ready to roll



400g (13oz) icing sugar, sieved, plus extra for dusting

1tbsp condensed milk

1-2tsp peppermint flavouring, to taste

100g (3½oz) dark chocolate, broken into chunks

In a large mixing bowl, mix the icing sugar, condensed milk, peppermint flavouring and 2 tbsp water until you get a stiff paste. If the mixture is too dry, add a bit more water, or add more icing sugar if it is too runny.

Dust a work surface and rolling pin with icing sugar and roll out the paste to about half a centimetre (0.5cm) thick. Dip a 4cm (1 1⁄2cm)-diameter cutter of your choice in icing sugar and stamp out 24 creams. Allow the rounds to dry out a little before decorating with melted chocolate.

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